The new VetMeasure app is live and free to download on both iOS and Android devices! It may seem as though our focus has been entirely on the MeasureON! harness, however, MeasureON! is nothing if you can’t view the animal health metrics it’s collecting. The VetMeasure team has spent countless hours during the past year working with our engineers at Sapien and a development team at Radial to create our mobile and web application.

The custom VetMeasure app serves as a platform where data transmitted from MeasureON! is displayed and analyzed. Within the app, users are able to assign harnesses to canine patients, monitor all active patients in real-time, and receive alerts when MeasureON! detects a potential health-related problem. Each patient profile within the app contains graphs which display the patient’s body temperature, respiratory rate, pulse rate, and activity level as shown below. The VetMeasure app may be viewed either on a mobile device or on a desktop for convenient access to information any time, any place you need it.

Screenshot of the VetMeasure app in the Apple App Store.

The mobile app is available for free download on both iOS and Android devices through their respective app stores. For more information about purchasing a MeasureON! harness, please contact VetMeasure via email at:

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