Pet First Aid Month

by | Apr 18, 2019

April is the American Red Cross’s Pet First Aid Month. While VetMeasure has shared tips on Poison Prevention and the importance of having a Pet Preparedness Plan in previous blog posts, we also wanted to share some key items to include in a Pet First Aid Kit.

A young Australian Shepard  laying down with a red first aid kit next to the dog.

Contact Information: Including a note card with your veterinarian’s information,  a nearby emergency clinic, and the Animal Poison Control Center phone numbers in this kit.

Gause, Nonstick Bandages and Towels: These items can be used to control bleeding and protect wounded areas. Additionally, animals that are in pain and stressed are more likely to bite, so the gause can also function as a muzzle if necessary.

Activated Charcoal: This is used to absorb poisons and toxins. Please note that activated charcoal and agents that induce vomiting, such as 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, should ONLY be used if directed to by a veterinarian or poison control official. Therefore, these items should be stored out of reach of pets.

Digital Thermometer: This is used to record your dog’s rectal temperature. A normal temperature for dogs is 101°F – 102.5°F. Any temperature above or below this range may indicate a problem with your dog’s health.

For a complete list of items to include in your dog’s first aid kit visit the AVMA website.