September is National Preparedness Month; pet owners must be prepared for and know how to react in a variety of situations ranging from your Chihuahua eating a box of chocolate donuts to your Labrador hurting their leg while playing fetch. The VetMeasure team has compiled a list of tips, so you are prepared should your dog be sick or injured.

Stay Calm: It is important to stay calm in an emergency situation. Dogs cue into our emotions, so by becoming stressed and frantic, your dog will only become more stressed. Having an emergency plan ready will help you stay calm and act quickly. Be prepared to give specific information about what is wrong and if your dog has eaten something toxic, collect a sample to bring with you to the veterinarian.

Phone Numbers: Creating contacts in your phone for your regular veterinarian, emergency veterinary clinic, and Poison Control will save you time and stress of searching for this information in an emergency. By adding addresses of clinics with this contact information, you can easily find the fastest route to help. 

First Aid Supplies: Compiling a first-aid kit for your pet will ensure you are prepared and eliminate the need to start searching for supplies. Suggested supplies include gauze, non-stick bandages, and adhesive tape, digital thermometer, hydrogen peroxide, and a leash. For a list of suggested items by the American Veterinary Medical Association click HERE. Please remember that first aid should always be followed up with a visit to your veterinarian, this is not a substitute for veterinary care.

The MeasureON! harness tracks your dog’s vital signs (temperature, pulse, and respiratory rate), providing important information to the veterinarian regarding the condition of your pet. Additionally, the MeasureON! harness can be used to track progress as they recover from an emergency. This form of continuous monitoring ensures that they are not being overlooked and sends alerts if your dog’s vital signs leave specified ranges set by the veterinarian.

The cost of veterinary visits (especially emergency visits) continues to rise. Looking into pet insurance is a great option that allows you to be more prepared for the unexpected costs associated with owning a pet. Click HERE to view a LendEDU article for more information on pet insurance. 

For more information about how to prepare for an emergency with your pet, click HERE.

For more information about the MeasureON! harness, click HERE.

Young Australian Shepherd is laying on the ground with its head up, looking at the camera. A first aid kit is sitting next to the dog.
Australian shepherd puppy with first aid kit isolated
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